Two stories today. One, guy gets girl. The other, girl gets guy. Two very different sources, but both inspirational to me.

The first was the guy I mentioned yesterday in this very blog. He and I went on one date last spring (see Sept. 19 Today he wrote to tell me he met a woman that he’s been dating for four months. It made me feel so good! He’s a great guy. He’s just not my great guy. And he persevered on the dating site and it paid off.

The other story I loved today was an interview piece on author Elizabeth Gilbert I saw on Anyone who is even remotely in my life knows how obsessed I was with her wonderful book, Eat, Pray, Love earlier this summer. I even began this blog with an entry about it (see July 8 post In the Love portion of the book, which is non-fiction, she meets a wonderful Brazilian man in Indonesia. Well, in this interview today I read that they have since gotten married and live in New Jersey!