When I started writing this particular blog, its original intent was to talk about spirituality Nancy-style. It grew to become a place where I’ve publicly been talking about manifesting a man, as I found that to be a natural extension or illustration of my spiritual style.

While that is still going strong, I must deviate from the man path today and write about the homeless man I talk to every day in Manhattan. James, who likes to talk about Jesus, handed me a booklet on Monday titled Apostle Paul’s Repentance. I am open enough to read these things despite not considering myself a Christian, so I turned it over to read the back cover and here’s what stopped me short:

We were separated from God because of sin. Subsequently, we had to wander in darkness, guilt, pain, and fear instead of relishing true satisfaction, happiness, and blessings of God.

I can’t say this emphatically enough — NO!!!!

It’s the exact opposite. What separates many Christians (not all, OK?) from relishing true satisfaction, happiness and blessings is the belief that we were born sinners and the fact that we were taught to live in darkness, guilt, pain and fear.

I knew immediately that I was going no further with the booklet. James asked me about it today and I was honest with him. He talked about Jesus saving my soul. I told him my soul didn’t need saving. I live a good life. He shook his head in dismay. He doesn’t think that’s enough.

I do.