I’m at this writing workshop for week and have been trying to stay within the integrity of keeping this time for my book and for working out. I have been successful so far, but on this little break in the action I am compelled to share something that our instructor said this morning. And so I indulge in a bit of blogging.

In teaching us how to deepen our characters, somehow the discussion goes to the ideal man and our instructor says that sometimes he thinks for women that would be a guy who works out, drives a Maserati, has a million bucks and is carrying a puppy. (He’s a cool, seemingly evolved guy, so I think he was joking.)

But the point is, that doesn’t sound like such a bargain to me. First of all, a guy who cares about his health is good, but a buff bod requires a lot of time that could be spent in better ways. Second, well, I’ll confess the car would be nice, but not if it’s a macho symbol substituting for self-confidence. Third, if a guy has a million or more bucks, I’d prefer to find out after I’ve gotten to know what he thinks about issues and how he sees the world; money is wonderful if it’s in perspective and not his best quality. Fourth, count me in the minority, but you can keep the puppy; I’m not a big fan of animal saliva.

That’s all.