My dear tarot-reading life coaching client flipped three cards for me after our session this evening, just as she did after our last session. A tradition in the making. I love this.

The Justice card, subtitled “Going to the top,” focuses on sexuality and how it ties into living life to the fullest. Fantastic, yes? The 5 of Wands card is about living well and how right now I have a lot of fires burning and I’m not sure which to pay attention to at any given moment. So true.

But the one that almost made me gasp to hear was The Fool card. It challenges you to have the courage to face the future and walk your own path even if your back isn’t covered. There is a great path before me, it says, and the greater the path, the greater the panic. It makes this stunning statement: Fulfilling your important desires and resolving your obsessive fears are now your daily tasks.

It is so, so right. My desires are very BIG and my fears are very obsessive. They go hand in hand. I get it.

And I accept the mission.