I heard author Elizabeth Gilbert speak at a luncheon today. She is inspiring because she isn’t trying to be. Her book Eat, Pray, Love is about so much, but in a neat word it’s about ‘truth.’

And so that made me think of a friend I ran into the other day who asked, “How’s that manifesting a man thing going?” She smiled a knowing smile.

The truth is, it’s hard. Not grueling hard. Or walking 10 miles uphill in the snow hard. But hard nonetheless. If you look for him, one theory goes, you won’t find him. If you don’t look for him, another theory goes, you don’t really want him in your life because you should go after what you want.

I think they’re both sort of true on any given day. The idea is to be open to his arrival, to be alert and present when meeting new people, to engage in life and naturally attract like-minded others.

Elizabeth Gilbert went on a quest to find herself and in the process she met a dear man who became her husband. Inspiring.

Precisely because she wasn’t looking.