On September 23 I wrote about starting Wayne Dyer’s new book where he reflects on the 81 verses in the Tao Te Ching. This week I am pondering the second verse and its relevancy to my life now and as a whole.

(Incidentally, you can read the complete Tao here:

For me, the most central insight of the second verse is to be aware of duality and judgment. Beautiful vs. ugly. Right vs. wrong. Labels we put on things. I am so aware of that in my daily life and I think it has made me a more compassionate, reasoned person. Truthfully, I think it will make me a better partner in a relationship.

I also like that this verse reminds us, in Dyer’s words, to practice “effortless action without attachment to outcome.” This has been a conscious decision for me and I’ve applied it to so many situations in my life. That said, I need to incorporate it — or better yet, embody it — even more.

Dyer says that if Lao-tzu had to sum up the second verse in today’s language, he would simply say: Just be.

Hmmmm. Yes. Maybe it’s time to live that.