I went to the Sacred Center for Spiritual Living this morning for service. So good. And as always, synchronous.

Just yesterday I attended a baby shower and talked to my cousin about living in two worlds and how sometimes I feel like I straddle them. The traditional, limited world I grew up in that can make me feel comfortable but also sometimes caged. And the more evolved, educated one that is exciting and a good fit for me, but is sometimes daunting.

Fittingly, in today’s sermon, Rev. August Gold talked about living in two worlds and how we have to pick one. You don’t walk the path of manifesting your life today and then eschew it tomorrow. You either believe you manifest your life or you don’t. You live in that “place” or you don’t. By choosing, we liberate ourselves.

I feel like I have chosen the more evolved world in most areas of my life, but there is “old world” stuff lingering and sometimes it shows itself in ways that are surprising and disconcerting. It is time to shed that baggage, give my story a fresh start.

Yes, yes. In with the new.