Greetings & Happy Thanksgiving —

As you think about finishing 2007 with a flourish, why not also consider starting 2008 with a life-affirming plan? What is falling through the cracks? What are you putting off yet again? What’s that idea in the back of your mind that would take your life to another level?

It’s time for a fresh start and you know it. This is what I do! Contact me for a consultation and I guarantee you will be energized and inspired to LIVE better, fuller, bigger. I’m waiting …


The time for holiday gatherings is upon us and I’m getting ready for the confused faces and quizzical comments that follow when new people I meet ask what I do.

“I’m a life coach. (Insert confused face here). I help people set goals and then work with them to put actions in place to achieve them,” I invariably say.

Folks are usually very intrigued or completely disinterested by that point. The thing is, I could talk for days about the joys of doing something I’m this passionate about. I could wax philosophical about the power of life coaching. I could explain that I am humbled and gratified to be doing a job I had never even heard of before I started doing it and am thrilled to be deriving immense satisfaction from it.

But really the strongest selling point for me doing this job comes via my clients. Not in testimonials, but in the progress reports I receive each week. They’re inspiring and I’m compelled to share here a list of achievements from just the last two weeks. In the interest of client/coach confidentiality, I have modified the facts so the identities are protected. Here are some of the recent accomplishments and works-in-progress from my clients:

  • Steps taken to lay a foundation for a small business to market artwork.
  • A jammin’ CD release party.
  • The first draft of a short story.
  • Conceiving of and creating a plan to begin shooting a film to be entered in a film festival in early 2008.
  • Great strides on writing a screenplay.
  • Self-teaching the intricacies of writing music.
  • A productive meeting with an agent regarding a children’s book.
  • Putting in motion a strategic ad campaign for a resume writing business.

    I was also delighted to learn that a homeless client, thanks to due diligence, found out she will likely be living in her own place by January 1, 2008. Did I mention all of this has occurred in just the last TWO weeks? Is this a job or what?

    How does one convey that kind of job satisfaction over holiday cocktails? By raising a glass and smiling, methinks.

    And, in quieter times, by simply saying, “Thank you.”