I went to Sunday service at the Sacred Center for Spiritual Living today and I honestly don’t know when I have ever been so joyful in music. I have been to wonderful concerts, of course, and have had fun dancing in clubs.

But today I felt free. I sang, and let me tell you my voice is nothing to brag about. I moved my body freely. I clapped. I snapped. And then when it was time for the gospel choir to do its thing, I sat and watched. The song began and it was nice and then it began to pick up tempo and energy. The room swelled. I jumped to my feet, so caught up in it. The man leading the choir was doing so with his entire body and it was contagious.

People wiped away tears. Later, the woman next to me nodded as we talked about that. She said it’s because we come into the service so open. I knew what she meant. I used to go into Sunday service there stiff and self-conscious.

Today I must have been wide open, because so much came in. It was magnificent.