All lit up

It has been a week since I wrote that I was into the 27th verse of the Tao Te Ching. I’m still in it. “Living By Your Inner Light” is just an irresistible message to me right now. Maybe it’s because my inner light feels palpable in a way that...

Veggie delight

Call me crazy, but asparagus at $1.99 a pound today made me want to sing. I spared the ears of the good folks in my Garden of Eden store. But I bought two pounds.

Great creators

Coaching was so satisfying today. Two clients with progress on books they’re writing, among other wonderful strides they’re making. Another client who reached her goals with a flourish, including completing a film that had a highly successful showing in a...

Bucket List

My Game Plan column on today prompted me to start a brand new Bucket List so I can start manifesting some pretty cool stuff. Check it out:...

A grabber

I’m slowly test driving a new approach to my book. A powerful first line packed with potential that came to me while reading a magazine on a train. I need to sit with this and let it develop organically. My excitement is growing.