I named this blog The Universal Flow for a reason. The idea is to live our individual lives in sync with our purpose in the Universe. I think it’s going pretty well in 2008.

I’m still immersed in the spirit of the 15th verse of the Tao Te Ching. I’ve been dwelling on it since Saturday and the theme is, after all, “Living an Unhurried Life.” This message is just making its way from my brain down into my pores. I need to live this. I need to relax. I need to plan, but leave room for life.

So yesterday I talked about clearing some space in my home and making room for, among other things, a new filing cabinet. Something attractive and sturdy and assembled. Something that can house freshly organized business files. And then today I was walking on the main drag in town on a quest for some roasted chicken when I passed a little furniture store that I usually don’t look at twice. I was beckoned in as if by force.

The store sells unfinished furniture, so you pick a piece and then have it finished however you want. And there it was. A great filing cabinet with pewter handles that can be done in a black wood finish to match my decor. It’s two blocks from home, so no delivery fee. It’ll be finished, ready to use. That’s my style. I’ll probably order it by the end of the week.

Keep on flowin’ …