In my continued quest to engage the spirit of the Tao Te Ching on a daily basis through Wayne Dyer’s book, I did my second day with the 43rd verse. Dyer titles this one, “Living Softly.” It seemed a logical followup to verse 15, “Living an Unhurried Life.”

Here’s how it goes:

It is a beautiful verse that likens softness to water and its ability to enter space where there seemingly is none. It touts the virtue of living softly as opposed to rigidly. Dyer’s words:

Practice the way of nonaction, or performing without effort. By letting go of your inner drive to push ahead, you’ll see that you ironically do better than when you tried so hard. In your work, become more tolerant in your drive to achieve by softening your attitude and behavior. You’ll see that customers and larger opportunities are attracted to you.

I am drawn to the simplicity of this, yet I know for someone as ambitious as me, it isn’t that simple to live it. But it is wise. So I will listen.