With each passing day of this stomach virus, I am gaining a deeper appreciation for my body. Not the outer stuff, so much, that most of us women fret over. I’ve already grown to accept and like my “packaging” — a gift of being in my 40s, I believe.

No, this little episode has given me a greater gratitude for all the things my body does on a regular basis that I take for granted, the things that allow my life to go along swimmingly. Things like digest food with ease. Things like walk four blocks without giving it a thought.

What’s interesting about a stomach virus is that in order to nurse myself back to health, all the foods I know to be healthy, and that I gravitate to, are taboo for a while. A whole bunch of kale would probably send me into cardiac arrest at this point. Jell-O is the better option.

Like I’ve said many times, a purge can be unpleasant but it also represents a fresh start.