Well, well. This evening I was compelled to not only go back to the Buddhist meditation I attended last week, but sign up for the four-week series. I was ambivalent about the topic — conflict and anger — because I have spent a lot of time and energy working on that area of my life. Did I really need more?

HaHa. As it turns out, I do.

The class begins with a guided meditation. Then the instructor talks about a particular topic. As she’s talking, I’m arrogantly thinking this is a great review. Then she poses a situation and asks if we find ourselves in these kinds of scenarios. We’re sitting next to a person in a movie who is noisily chowing down on popcorn. Our annoyance escalates to the point where we become convinced that person is horrible and that they are ruining the movie experience for us.

Hello! What did I just write in this very forum yesterday? That I have been attracting “distractions” like crazy lately. Our homework is to be more mindful in those recurring moments.