So I’m in CVS today. I shop there all the time. It’s a very busy store and there are usually lines at each register. So today I am purchasing hand soap and Vogue, the latter to make my laundromat time a breeze.

As I approach, I see there’s one long line snaking into the aisles. There are two registers open. I hear a cashier clearly say, “Please form two lines.” No one moves. One register is free now, so I head on over to the waiting cashier. A guy behind me loudly says, “Ma’am, we’re doing one line here.” I say, “The cashier just asked for two lines.” (Don’t get me started on the “ma’am” thing.)

The cashier looked at me and put her hand out to take my stuff. I paid and walked out.

As I headed back to the laundromat, I had a moment of guilt. And then just as quickly I let it go.

It just felt like grace.