Realized I was laughing out loud on the treadmill at the gym this morning.

Had Rachael Ray on the TV. She showed a clip of Kristan Cunningham making over a room for a couple. He was a huge KISS fan and had a room filled with memorabilia. She wanted a classy room. Cunningham managed to merge the two by furnishing it well and then putting KISS stuff — like framed album covers — around the room as accent. She converted the closet into this crazy scene with flames and blaring music whenever you open the door. The guy’s reaction was priceless.

But better yet, Rachael Ray has them all on the show and says since Kristan broke a piece of his memorabilia, they have a surprise for him. Out walks Gene Simmons with a KISS lamp in his hand. I thought the guy was going to freak. And his wife was blown away, too.

Gotta say, that’s some fun TV. Made my workout a breeze.