My long-standing dental appointment for a check-up and cleaning is tomorrow. Was scheduled six months ago and was to be at 4 p.m. Yesterday, the publicist for a celebrity I’ve been wanting to interview asks if I can do it at the exact time of the dental appointment. I say no, I’m busy at that time but can do any other. The celebrity is trying to do this on her lunch, which on West Coast time is 1 p.m., my dead zone.

Yikes. I don’t want to move the dental appointment because I already confirmed and it’s irresponsible to cancel at the last minute. But I’m excited about the possibility of the interview.

Lo and behold, this morning the dental office calls and asks sheepishly if by any chance I can switch to 11:15 a.m. tomorrow. I smiled so wide she could probably hear it through the phone. I subsequently emailed the publicist and, presto, our interview is in the book for tomorrow.

I tell this to one of my clients today and she says, “Your universe is working.”

Yes, indeed.