Some truth. Lately I haven’t been as forthcoming in this blog as I might be, likely because I feel like something is happening that is large and mystical and it’s hard to explain without sounding all woo-woo.

But honestly, it doesn’t feel woo-woo. It feels real and very natural. A few months ago, maybe February, I stopped making lists each week to determine what tasks I would do each day. I feared nothing would get done, but I paid attention to my gut anyway because this was a strong urge. As it turns out, this has opened up my days, my eyes, my consciousness, my life.

I am working harder than ever, joyfully and enthusiastically, but it feels like there’s been a shift. I am better able to see what comes up in the moment and address it. I am somehow more open. I am detached from results way more than ever, which is so liberating. I am more tolerant and patient. I feel like I’ve cleared away fog.

In the midst of this, no coincidence I’m sure, I have been reading and studying A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle and learning to be. There are two weeks left of the web class with him and Oprah and I am excited that I have stayed with it and started to pay considerable attention to stillness.

I just today began reading Steering by Starlight by Martha Beck and it appears that once again The Universe has aligned things perfectly. I feel awakened and ready to go through the three stages she presents in the book — dissolving, dreaming, daring.

In fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve already begun.