Really, I’m not the astrology queen, but who can resist a weekend horoscope like this, courtesy of Astro Abby:

Your creative and romantic sides seem to feed off of each other this weekend. Friday gets things off to a tantalizing start. Everything, even a mundane task, feels slightly sexual and entertaining. You get a mild buzz from ordinary people, events and things because you’re embracing life with both arms – no more holding others at arm’s length. It’s amazing how quickly you can access your creative muse and whomever you choose by allowing yourself to be a bit vulnerable. And get this: Nothing horrific happens, even when you let your guard down. In fact, things are pretty fabulous all weekend! Count on Saturday being a banner day for those of you in love or lust, as well as the artists, musicians and dancers among you. You feel more alive and willing to take a risk that will undoubtedly pay off in a dozen tempting ways. Why fight it – especially when there’s so much to gain? Sunday’s Full Moon makes you the one that everyone fights over. Everyone wants your attention, companionship and participation. You won’t be able to quietly fade into the woodwork. Others will insist that you come away with them or at the very least, listen to their ideas. It’s so much easier and rewarding to just say yes.

Bring it.