Too much dancing to report from Asheville, N.C. last night. Dueling pianos. Lots of fun.

However, I can’t let 24 hours go by before talking about my fabulous scores on the day. First, eight people here won the chance to have lunch with Anthony F. Smith — co-founder and managing director of Leadership Research Institute — yesterday and, yes, I was one of them. Watching him speak to our big group all morning, with questions and conversation in between, felt a bit like peeling an onion. Lunch was a chance to experience him in a relaxed atmosphere and go one on one. I bought his book, The Taboos of Leadership: The Ten Secrets No One Will Tell You About Leaders and What They Really Think, so more to come on that.

Then I won a raffle in the afternoon, a one-night stay at a spa in Monterey, Calif.

Not a bad haul, huh?