Received a great email from a client named Terry today. She wrote to coach Cheryl Richardson, who has a show on Hay House radio, and offered some advice to a guy who had called in about feeling overwhelmed because he was a couple of years behind on his taxes. Richardson read Terry’s email on the air! With her permission, I present it here:

Dear Cheryl:

I listen to your show on Hay House, and heard Paul – the musician with the tax issue. I have a life/writing coach as well. I put my writing on hold to deal with my tax situation because until you take the matter into your own hands, your creativity is stagnant.

I owe an additional $1300 to the irs. It is overwhelming. I could not move forward until this was taken care. I decided to forgo my coaching sessions until my finances were on track. I have a great coach behind me.

On top of the $1300 that I owed in taxes. My car over the last four months had to have repairs in excess over $1500. I don’t make as much as I used to because I decided to get out of the corporate world and focus on my writing. I have a steady job.

Although its a financial struggle at times, I feel if I can offer Paul some advice to overcome the anxiety: get a project management style notebook. Start listing what you think you owe. Getting everything out on paper helped me get a real about what I owed. Looking straight at finances helped me become less overwhelmed.

What was down on paper was scary however, I refocused my attention on getting clear with the taxes. I worked out a payment schedule with the government and found I eliminated the pressure that was pounding on my head and the tears pouring from my eyes on a NIGHTLY BASIS. I went an extra step to refocus my financial goals and found a writing community on line so I can get my creativity back on track.


best to you and love your show
ms. terry

What I love about this is that it really positions Terry for success. Facing down the finances, setting up a real plan and then sharing it and reaching out to someone else.

Good stuff.