I turned a cancelled plan today into a glorious, spontaneous afternoon at the Hoboken waterfront. Me, a bench, a bottle of water, a notebook, a pen and my copy of Martha Beck’s Steering by Starlight.

First, I did some stream of consciousness journaling around revisiting my manuscript. I’ve been getting signs lately that it’s time, among them feathers in my path as I walk along Hoboken sidewalks. I had put the book aside months ago because I had some big questions to answer before proceeding. Those answers seem to be forming. Opportunities and ideas around that and other things seem to be coming at warp speed these days and it’s magnificent.

After the journaling, I was about to pick up Beck’s book when I suddenly felt like opening the notebook again. An idea for a visual medium came pouring out. TV? Film? This, too, has been a recurring thread in my life the last month or so.

When I finally opened Steering by Starlight, I realized that I had read the intro a while ago and that I wanted to start all over again to refresh my memory. So I reread the intro and then did Chapter 1, complete with the exercises. It’s off to a compelling start.

There is some synchronicity around this. A few weeks ago, I facilitated a collage workshop and created a collage myself in the process. The idea is to tear images from magazines and assemble them in an appealing way. I just found mine and there are two butterflies amidst the images. Then I pulled out a vision board I did in February and there were three butterflies on that.

Well, if you look to the right of this blog to my Shelfari bookshelves, you’ll see that Martha Beck’s book has a beautiful butterfly on the cover. They’re all around me suddenly, these symbols of change and rebirth. Delicious.

Like I said, it’s been a day.