This note from a former life coaching client made my day!

Dear Nancy,

This is to express my appreciation for your superb coaching – I was writing ‘counseling’ and quickly changed it.  I know by intent and deed you are a coach, not someone over me telling me what I need to do differently or what I didn’t do right, but a coach supporting me toward my own goal.

Several weeks I could have felt like some ‘counseling’ was in order because I hadn’t done everything on the list we created together.  Instead of taking me to task, you highlighted everything I’d done even accidentally on point, enabling me to see that my intentions were indeed carrying me in my chosen direction even when life appeared to intervene.

You listen exceedingly well and you helped me by restating and clarifying what you understood me to be saying.  Sometimes I’m sure that was like pulling teeth from a tiger since I wasn’t clear what I wanted myself.  You helped me set my own goals and then to reshape them as I realized in talking with you which parts didn’t fit.  You helped me adopt measuring tools that were comfortable, like time frame, dollar amounts, and numbers of clients.  On occasion it seemed the goal was met almost as soon as you helped me identify it.

One of my favorite things about working with you is that every time we talk I come away feeling higher.  I could begin a session feeling too tired and too empty to participate and by the end, feel ready to take on my world.  You have so helped in shortening the time (and the angst) from there to here and from here to my next horizon.

I recruited you to hold me accountable to myself and you’ve done that magnificently.  At the same time, I am just thrilled to see how your own career is blossoming.  What a gift you are to the world!

Love and Huge Blessings!