So, California …

The terrific Erin and Roger playing host. I found out I have very good taste in friends — in case there was ever a doubt. What a diverse five days it was. Manhattan Beach, Redondo, Hermosa.

Then, after a spectacular drive, Santa Barbara. Shopping, a delightful rose garden, delicious dinner at The Hungry Cat (Oh my God, the shrimp cocktail!). Then, as if that wasn’t enough beauty, Laguna Beach. Not even the fog could mar the strolling, the galleries, Las Brisas (guacamole, chocolate strawberries — need I say more?). Well, it was a bit of a bummer to miss this view.

The journey continued with the J. Paul Getty Museum — check out this wonderful piece of art: A Young Girl Defending Herself against Eros — and its lustrous gardens. Overheard from a woman talking to a guy next to me, “You know what I think of Renoir. His work should be on the side of a box of cheap chocolates. Or in a heap and burned.” Seriously?

And then, for some contrast, the West Hollywood Book Festival. Within a span of 10 minutes I bought a book called Barbie Loves L.A. (She’s in Pucci at Pink’s!) and a hot pink t-shirt from the Ms. Foundation that says, “This is What a Feminist Looks Like.” Also stopped by the booth of the Bodhi Tree bookstore.

And I topped things off with an In-N-Out Burger, animal style. Look it up if you’re wondering just how wild I am.

Over and out.