Just left a life coaching client in Chelsea and decided to stroll down to the West Village for some hotdogs at Gray’s Papaya. En route, I passed a smiling Steven Van Zandt talking on a cell phone. Love that.

Then, once I had ‘dogs with ‘kraut in hand, I stood at the counter behind a big “Yes Senator Obama” poster and listened to two African-American women talk about Sarah Palin:

Woman 1: I said to him, do you like Sarah Palin? And he said, yes, I do.

Woman 2: Really?

Woman 1: He said, not for vice president. I just like her.

Woman 2: Yeah, right. He just likes the way she looks.

Woman 1: That’s what I said. And he didn’t deny it.

Woman 2: Uh huh.

I left amused.

Another day in New York.