Had to share some feedback from yesterday’s Game Plan column:

Aloha Nancy-
Thank you for setting the perspective with your column “Every Day’s a New Day, Even in Lean Times”. I enjoy the information I get on the Fox Business Web Site. Your voice is part of a chorus of knowledge and experience I have grown to depend on, especially with the economic turmoil of the past year.
Though I did not see the Target commercial you wrote about, I do recall my parents weathering lean times, like the time they announced that mom was going to work outside the home, for the first time since they’d been married. Dad’s job had been cutting back and that put our home in danger of being foreclosed on. Our family got through it, but it was difficult for a while.
At the conclusion of the column, I came away with a feeling of “I can grow from my experiences, good or bad.” I don’t know if this was your intent in writing, but I also felt a calm that has eluded me for some time.
Your words will be shared with my family and friends, several of which really need to hear them. Thank you again, and have a wonderful day!
Mililani, Hawaii


I am not one that typically takes the time to respond to an article, but I felt the need after reading your latest for the third time.
Like you during your time of financial difficulty, I am experiencing similar raw emotion and employment struggles.
Like the Target ad suggests, I am simplifying my life, which includes an amazing 4 year old son, and striving to enjoy the little things.

Something that I attempt to accomplish each day, no matter how difficult the demands of daily life may be, is to create a positive memory.  That goal has helped me remain relatively sane during my nearly year long battle.
Thank you again for sharing your experiences and thoughts.