True confession time. Prior to beginning work with a personal trainer about a month ago, I was doing the same darned thing at the gym, over and over. The treadmill, the weights. And even though in some respects that served me well, I cannot begin to describe how much better I feel since working other things into my routine. And I can see a difference in my body.

This morning I got on the elliptical machine with some measure of dread. Last week I fought my trainer tooth and nail while he worked on it next to me, even though — ironically — I was the one who suggested it because I knew I needed it. Twisted, right?

The last three days I have hopped on it on my own. I did five minutes the first day. Pardon me while I fight the urge to put the word “only” in that last sentence. Then I did six minutes. Then, today, seven. It is hard. I sweat a lot. Crazy for a person who’s been going to the gym pretty regularly for years. But there’s no self-flagellation allowed. I need to walk my talk. I have found a trainer whose personality and skill set are a perfect complement to mine.

So that’s my true confession. And it felt goooooooooooooood.