Oh my oh my oh my. Liza, Liza.

Saw “Liza’s at the Palace” tonight. I mean, truly, how do I describe seeing Liza Minnelli belting out tunes smack in the middle of Broadway? Her silhouette entrance made my eyes well up in anticipation.

Her energy seemed to escalate as the show went on. She ended the first act with Cabaret and it was just fabulous. The second act was filled with choreographed numbers that had the kind of punch you can always count on when you’re on Broadway. My favorite moments came near the end — Mammy and New York, New York. Can you imagine hearing ” … these little town blues … ” from that voice in the heart of Times Square? Pure star power. Talent on a plate.

Her finale was a surprising Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. As she sang, I was acutely aware that I was watching a legend sing a classic. So beautiful.

In a side note, the drummer and conductor was Mike Berkowitz, who I saw in October leading the Gene Krupa Orchestra.

Man, I love New York.