For whatever else Sarah Palin wants to say about her coverage in the media, I wish she would lay off Tina Fey’s impersonation of her and just move on. All her comments are doing is feeding into the stereotype that women personalize everything.

It’s true. Have you heard George W. Bush complain about Will Ferrell’s impersonation on Saturday Night Live? Do you think it was flattering? Darrell Hammond’s uproariously funny take on Bill Clinton consistently plays on his horniness and self-centeredness and Clinton has rolled with it. George H.W. Bush embraced Dana Carvey’s impression of him.

Even non-Presidents seem to have more of a sense of humor than Palin. I’ve seen Suze Orman and Chris Matthews play clips of their respective SNL impersonators on their own shows, laughing all the while. And, trust me, they weren’t all that flattering either.

Please, Gov. Palin, get some perspective. Your coverage in the “media” issues put SNL in the same breath as cable and network news shows and personalities. SNL is not a news show. It’s comedy that is especially biting and relevant because it draws from current events. Tina Fey and SNL writers did not put your pregnant daughter in the national spotlight. You did. It must not be easy to be satirized and imitated in a way you don’t like, but it’s part of the package when you’re running for the second highest office in the United States.

You expressed admiration for Hillary Clinton in your campaign. Perhaps you should take her lead on this one. She seems to find Amy Poehler pretty amusing.