Just watched Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO film on Ted Haggard and came away sad. Sad that this man has every opportunity to be a passionate voice to temper the demonization of homosexuality and that he has chosen instead to hide behind his Bible. Sad that instead of pointing out that a homosexual can be spiritual and advise a President of the United States in his spirituality, he has chosen to cower, deny who he really is, and call himself a sinner.

I cannot imagine how it must feel to be gay and watch this man squander a chance to speak to the issues of differences and diversity that still divide our nation. He was beloved and respected by his congregation. He founded that church. He was listened to. He had an audience. How very sad that he chose not to trust any of those congregants to understand or empathize. Instead, he let the powers that be run him out.

So, so sad for what could have been.