Just finished reading Diane, A Signature Life, the autobiography of Diane von Furstenberg. What a fascinating read. I am struck by how she is part instinctive entrepreneur, part visionary artist and, when it came to the men in her life, part vulnerable yet in-charge woman. Her ups and downs in her professional and personal life, the glamorous world she moves in, and the chronicling of a time when Studio 54 was the place to be make this book particularly intriguing.

Next up on my reading list is a book given to me by a friend who runs the local used bookstore. It’s called What We Ache For, Creativity and the Unfolding of Your Soul by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. She said she thought of me when she saw it. If that wasn’t enough incentive for me to read it, I just received a newsletter from The Creativity Workshop and guess what it’s recommended Book of the Month is? Yep, one and the same. That’s a sign I’m heeding.