A while ago I saw an Oprah show on fashion where different stylists dressed women for a variety of occasions and lifestyles. What stuck out from that show was a Brooks Brothers shirt that didn’t require ironing. I’ve always felt a crisp, white shirt can raise the level of whatever we wear, but man do I hate to iron.

I stored the info away, until yesterday, that is. I was browsing an outlet mall with my brother and there was Brooks Brothers. I went in and immediately saw a table of folded white shirts, which, as it turns out, have a name — The Miracle Shirt. I am now the proud owner of three — two white and a light blue — classic fit ones. As I was waiting to make my purchase, there was a 95-year-old man making his; he’s had an account with Brooks Brothers since 1945!

Apparently that Oprah mention has been a heck of a boost to sales of The Miracle Shirt. I have already tried mine on with a whole bunch of items in my closet and I am thrilled with my decision to invest. Call me crisp and classic.