I remain baffled by the ongoing quest some people in Hoboken have for more ‘open space.’ It is consistently an issue in the local paper.

I spent most of my first 36 years in suburbia. In fact, before moving to Hoboken 10 years ago, I lived in an apartment next to a huge cornfield. Deer grazed in the yard because there were woods behind it.

Now call me crazy, but I moved to an urban area to get away from open space. Hoboken is one square mile. How much open space do you think we can eke out of that? It has an amazing waterfront promenade with parks and places to stroll from which you can see one of the greatest views in the world, something I write about here ad nauseum.

It doesn’t seem all that complicated to me. If you want to raise your kids in an area with open space, there are tons of options in America. Pick one and watch them run around to your heart’s content. This town is for people who want an urban lifestyle.

No brainer.