It was almost worth watching the “60 Minutes” interview of Vogue editor Anna Wintour just for the sight of Morley Safer squirming in his chair at a fashion show. But overall, it was a better piece than it might have been with another journalist because Safer is clearly an outsider in the fashion world and therefore gave us a fresh, non-reverential take on an icon.

Truly I find Wintour fascinating because she is unapologetic about being who she is.

“I like people who represent the best of what they do and if that turns you into a perfectionist, then perhaps I am,” Wintour tells Safer after he reads a list of qualities attributed to her from her unauthorized biography.

She also called the trademark sunglasses she wears at fashion shows “armor” and admitted that she may be trying to make up for not being academically successful (she dropped out of high school at age 16).

When he asked her about her “alleged” portrayal in The Devil Wears Prada, she noted it was entertainment and an exaggeration, but one couldn’t help note that the intimidating entrance to her office is awfully similar to the one in the movie.

With daily makeup and hair styling and an (alleged) annual wardrobe budget of $200,000 provided by Conde Nast, the impeccable and driven Wintour is doing something right.