I am ever thankful that some years ago I learned discipline around food and now know how to enjoy and savor the occasional treat. It makes it all the easier now that I live just steps from two Hoboken bake shops — Sweet and Crumbs — specializing in cupcakes.

Sweet has been in town since last summer and I have visited three times since then. The coconut cupcake is nothing short of sublime. The chocolate with peanut butter butter cream frosting ranks way up there. And, well, how do you leave out the red velvet? And Sweet has minis, so you can sample.

Now there’s Crumbs, a chain whose dreamy reputation preceded it. I tried a Reese’s cupcake and it was very good, but very big. Almost too much.

Here’s what I came up with. If a Sweet cupcake is like a perfect dish of quality ice cream, then a Crumbs cupcake is like an ice cream sundae loaded with gooey stuff. It’s a matter of preference.

My edge goes to Sweet. Hard to top sublime.