So yesterday I take a packed bus from the Jersey Shore to the Port Authority in New York. As we proceed on the Garden State Parkway, I am getting hotter and less comfortable because there is very little air coming from the overhead vents.

The more we ride and the more stifling it gets, I marvel at how most buses are way too air conditioned and that I’m on one that has the opposite problem. It clearly would have been better if we had the ability to open the windows.

About 30 minutes into the journey, a man gets up from the middle of the bus and goes up to talk to the driver. Within a minute there is cold air pouring from the vents around me. I tell the guy next to me that I can’t believe someone had to actually ask for what seemed like an obvious thing — air conditioning in June on a packed bus.

“Welcome to the world we live in now,” my fellow passenger said.


An annoying lesson in ‘ask and ye shall receive.’