Seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway yesterday seemed almost anticlimactic. I had been wanting to see it for a long time and the right circumstances finally lined up. It was particularly important for me to see it with my mother, who introduced me to the Four Seasons in the first place.

And let me tell you, her 70-something self boogied.

“I’ve got chills,” she told me excitedly at the point when they started singing  “Sherrie.” It was a great moment. It reminded of the part in the old flick The Glenn Miller Story when he finds the “sound.” How great when things click into place artistically.

My personal favorites were “Oh, What a Night,”  “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and, because it was such a great production, “Who Loves You.” The story was well-told and fascinating. I think it’s safe to say cousins Gina, Sharon and Nicole enjoyed themselves as well.

Who loves you, pretty baby …