I realized this week that I have been neglecting this blog, Partly it’s because I was away for three weeks in August and needed a technology break. Partly it’s because I often get my Jones out on Facebook and don’t feel as compelled to put my quick little thought gems here.

Anyway, here I am now. It’s September 11th, eight years after that life-transforming day. I had just flown into Newark from Nantucket on the night of September 10th after attending the wedding of my friends Roger and Erin. Such a happy occasion with good people to cap off a terrific summer.

Prior to that I had been in Taos, New Mexico, at a Creativity Camp based on Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. That, too, had been life-transforming in that it released a flow of words and creativity from me that had been bottled up.

Then the world changed in a matter of hours. Little did I know that while I was underground on what seemed like a normal commute into Manhattan, a plane was ramming into the World Trade Center. When I emerged from the PATH station at Christopher Street and Hudson in the West Village, people were already lined up looking downtown in disbelief. We then watched the other tower explode in flame.

We all know what happened from there. Bonding. Fear. Questions. Reeling. 

A few months later I turned 40 and a few months after that I was laid off. From all of that came a life coaching career and a spiritual awakening that changed my life.

To be honest, it’s surreal even now. More to come on that when my Game Plan column is posted later today. Just trying to make sense of it all …