I am the queen of manifesting!

Back in March I wrote this about Diane von Furstenberg in a Game Plan column:

Truly, I could write this entire column about the shoes Diane von Furstenberg was wearing at Florence Gould Hall Monday night … From the third row in the auditorium, dead center, I could see her well-defined cheekbones, a black-and-white butterfly print dress of her own making, her long perfectly crossed legs made even longer in smooth black tights, and those delicious shoes. Let’s at least give them their own sentence. Picture sleek, black suede slingbacks with a red platform and a dizzyingly high red octagonal-shaped heel.

Fast forward to today and me in Manhattan running an errand in T.J. Maxx. My mission is the housewares department and then out. I am right on course heading for the exit when I take a tiny detour into shoes. Immediately I see a pair and think, “They look like the shoes Diane von Furstenberg was wearing that day, but they can’t be … ”

I pick them up. They are indeed DVF and they are an all-black version of the ones I drooled over in March. My size. Seriously good price. I try them on and despite their towering heels they are easy to walk in.

You know I own those shoes. It was like The Universe hand delivered them. And for that, I say thank you!