Back in Hoboken after a fun Thanksgiving weekend, during which a new Game Plan column ran: One Life Coach’s Gratitude List.

What an enjoyable few days away. Thanksgiving was about plenty of good food and really relaxing with family. Friday was filled with early rising, Black Friday bargains and reconnecting with friends for lunch. No crowds or madness, just bustle and Christmas carols as a backdrop.

And then there was the 30th reunion of the Steinert High class of ’79. I hadn’t attended a reunion since the fifth, so it was fun, but also shocking and weird. Random thoughts/observations:

~ People told me I’d find that the women overall held up better than the men. While that may be true, I quickly attributed that to my gender’s judicious use of hair dye. There wasn’t a woman in the place with gray hair. There’s a whole sociological commentary in there somewhere.

~ Also struck by this — a lot of the people I thought were worldly (whatever I thought that meant back then) and sophisticated don’t seem at all in that category now.

~ Total hoot dancing to Rapper’s Delight (yeah, Sugar Hill Gang). Not only did I go to school in the disco era, but we were experiencing the birth of rap back then as well. And, of course, there was the classic rock. Two hundred 40-somethings singing every word to Paradise by the Dashboard Light in a Hilton ballroom was quite the experience.

The holidays are officially kicked off.