I had a friend once who wanted to meet my mother because he couldn’t imagine what genetic circumstances could have produced my looney self. Here I present an example that says it all.

I received a lovely card in the mail this week with a picture of a sweet young girl in a longish green dress that says, “Daughter, Remember when you were a kid and wanted to grow up and become something special?”

When you open it, it says, “You did!”

Very touching sentiment. And she knows I love meaningful cards, so even better. I hung it on the door frame with my other holiday cards, but it fell off and I noticed writing on the back.

It reads, “I certainly dressed you a lot better than that little waif on the front!” It’s signed with an “M” in case I was wondering.

I laughed out loud. Gotta love the Italian mother.

And I’m so glad she doesn’t read this blog …