Helene Cooper in today’s New York Times:

 Nuns Back Bill Amid Broad Rift Over Whether It Limits Abortion Enough

An excerpt:

[Congressman Bart] Stupak hit back at the nuns on Thursday, saying they did not have much influence.

“With all due respect to the nuns, when I deal or am working on right-to-life issues, we don’t call the nuns,” he said on the MSNBC program “Hardball.”

Well, genius, maybe you should. It’s not the nuns costing the Church billions in legal fees because their sexual appetites include minors. And it’s not the nuns transferring pedophile priests from one parish to another all over the globe. And, geez, ask anyone who had a good Catholic education (like me) if there isn’t at least one nun responsible for the fact that — unlike about half of America — they know the difference between “their” and “there.”

The nuns seem to have that separation of church and state thing in perspective. They know how to nurture their relationship with their God without foisting on everyone else.

Good God.