I must say I’m really floored by the amount of people driving and texting and talking on hand-held phones these days. Since I live an urban existence that rarely has me behind the wheel, I see it mostly from a pedestrian standpoint. What in the world would possess an intelligent human being to think their attention can be off the road for seconds at a time and there won’t be consequences?

Yet again I saw a woman waiting to make a left at a light on our busy main drag here and she was texting in the middle of the intersection. People, if you have a death wish, find another way to see it through. I don’t. I like my life. And your kid in the backseat probably thinks life is pretty peachy, too. What are you thinking?

This is not just a teen-ager issue either. I have seen many a mommy in a minivan going to town on a keyboard. You have a busy life. We get it. We still don’t want to be maimed because you overbooked yourself.

I love that Oprah has taken this on and has a Web page devoted to her No Phone Zone campaign. It is loaded with info about how stupid — and, frankly, arrogant — this is.

Maybe next we can hit the less dangerous, but certainly annoying habit people have of texting while out to dinner …