It was fun to mix it up with the other guests on BBC World Service Radio and talk about Tiger Woods this afternoon, but as often happens, it felt like there was so much more to say. So here goes.

What I did say on-air was that regardless of whether or not it creeps one out to hear the late Earl Woods’ voice on the latest Nike commercial, the content from a life coaching standpoint is spot on. Check it out:

Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive to promote discussion
I want to find out what your thinking was
I want to find out what your feelings are
And did you learn anything?

That is an excellent starting point for a dialogue. Whether it was smart from a marketing perspective, well, it’s certainly being talked about the last 24 hours.

But back to the content of the voiceover. What if Tiger Woods sat down with a trusted journalist (I’m available — just sayin’) and actually answered those questions? So much of journalism is no longer about being inquisitive to promote discussion; rather it’s to promote gossip and elicit knee-jerk, surface-y comments. If the mission of the exchange was to derive meaning or explore on a soul level, well, we’d have something real and compelling.

I’m not saying Tiger Woods is obligated to tell us what he’s thinking and feeling or what he’s learned, I’m just responding to an ad he put out there with Nike. It’s not just any ad. It’s one using his late father’s voice. Surely that has meaning for him beyond dollar signs.

If that was his final say on the subject, however, then please, Tiger, let it stand. No more apologies. Rebuild your life. Let your game do the talking.