After touching on thoughts left over from last weekend’s Masters in my Game Plan column yesterday, this piece by Fox Sports’ Jason Whitlock made me pause and have a few “wish I’d written that” moments.

For example:

Rather than turn Tiger into a symbol of evil in the naive hope that young people will learn a lesson from Tiger’s mistake, why not use Woods as a legitimate excuse to have a mature discussion with kids about relationships?

It seems obvious he made the same mistake as other young adults — he married long before he was ready for the responsibility of marriage and he did so to create a pleasing perception of himself.

How many girls marry the last guy they dated in college (or high school) because that’s the thing to do? How many guys get married primarily because they think the woman will be a good mother and then become disappointed because she’s a far better mother than wife?

Let’s hear it for nuance. Something about the reaction to the Masters outcome didn’t sit quite right with me and I think Whitlock hits it.