Traveling down Boulevard Zen

When Rich Tola left the world of Wall Street and real estate for the world of Hollywood, he couldn’t have foreseen the detour down Boulevard Zen. In today’s Game Plan, read the story of the foundation that has become his passion: A Business Mind, a Zen...


Hit a point in Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love yesterday where I just had to accelerate. Wound up devouring much of it. Gems that speak to different aspects of me: Adam and Eve were naked in the garden of Eden but not embarrassed. That doesn’t mean...

Breaking through

Thoroughly enjoyed NBC’s new show, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins, last night and as a life coach felt compelled to express why. Hence, today’s Game Plan column: ‘Breakthrough’ Is a Winner.

Fellow writer

What a kick to see Joe Del Priore’s book on Amazon! We used to be in a writing group together. Check out Twilight People: Switchblade Stories for a taste of what Joe can do with turn of phrase and imagination.

Maffy’s goodies

Thrilled to have a Mary Ann Farley piece in my home and thought my readers might like to take a gander at what this fab artist is producing these days. Check out her store on Etsy!