Walked into the gym last week and the manager was moving around the elliptical machines to make room for some new ones. I instantly panicked. What, change??? You’re messing with my routine???

By the time I finished the lifting portion of my regimen, I decided I’d be a lame excuse for a life coach if I didn’t at least try one of the new machines. So I jumped on and struggled to crank out 10 minutes. I mean, really struggled. But the next day and then the next I got it up to 12 minutes. Today it was 15 (with a little help from Lady Gaga).

Also last week, walked into my hair salon to make an appointment with my stylist, only to be told he’d moved to Florida. Say what? I felt like a jilted lover. I posted my dismay on Facebook and received an instant referral. Today I sit here with shiny, swingy hair courtesy of my new stylist.

Lesson: Change is afoot, Nancy. Embrace it.