Over 12 years ago, after spending an academic year in Ann Arbor on a journalism fellowship, I realized I really took to a more urban lifestyle. I had lived the majority of my life in a Central Jersey suburb and enjoyed it for the most part. I lived next to a field where deer would gather. I had to drive everywhere, much like the majorityof Americans.

And then I moved to Hoboken, just across the Hudson River from New York City, and life changed dramatically. It felt great to walk everywhere. It was a conscious decision and the right one for me. This town is a mile square and much of its waterfront is made up of parks with sweeping views of Manhattan. Not to mention the park that is literally an island of playspace in the river just steps from my home. Just glorious.

So once again when the topic came up here that we need more open space in Hoboken, this time by a ‘man on the street’ camera pair from HobokenPatch, my response was, ‘no, we don’t.’ We are urban, and beautifully so, and part of being urban is having lots of buildings close together.

Check it out:

Where Would You Like to See a New Park?