I don’t often write about my Game Plan feedback because it is what it is, but this weekend my mail has been buzzing thanks to my Life Coaching Those Obsessed with the Casey Anthony Trial column. There has been a lot of anger expressed, but also agreement with my position. A few very thoughtful ones have made me see another viewpoint and for that I’m grateful.

The one I am posting below I’ve chosen because it represents someone who admits her extreme interest in the trial, but the spirit of what I was trying to say resonated with her. That is so gratifying.

Thank you for your intelligent article … I have become consumed by anger at this pathetic excuse for a woman and grief over little Caylee and I don’t know how to get over it. Obviously, the best way is to help all the other children who are still alive but suffering from abuse. Thank you for allowing me to see a way clear to re-direct my energies in a positive way.

You’re welcome.