The guru within

by Nancy Colasurdo on April 27, 2012

My Game Plan columns have been very organic lately, as the events of 2012 have kind of upended me and prompted a whole lot of learning. A recent article in New York magazine tapped into some thoughts I’d been having about gurus, those self-described and those we appoint.

Today’s Game Plan: Stop Wasting Time Trying to Find Your Perfect Guru

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Nancy Colasurdo April 29, 2012 at 12:11 pm

(NOTE: This comment exchange between me and a reader named Jason originally took place on my “About” page, but I didn’t feel it was appropriate there so I moved it to this post. It is really about what I express in this Game Plan column and I felt it would give the comments better context.)

I have to say, you don’t need to look to anyone else, nor yourself as you said we are all flawed humans. So, there must be something that contains an objective measurement of control and peace somewhere, right? If not in us humans then where? It lies in the written Word of God. The God of the bible alleviates all insecurities and gives the answers to all questions needed for us to go through this life. And as a side note, if one is to take an honest interpretation of the bible then Yoga, the Hindu worship of Gods, would not be a recommendation only prayer and communion with God through Jesus Christ. Also, you will find admonition for females being ministers of a congregation mixed of women and men. The modern church, as has modern society, has taken too many liberties in subjecting personal ideologies into the infallible, objective truth given to us from our creator in His word. And that’s the truth no matter how much society wishes otherwise.


Hi Jason –

Thank you for your thoughts. I admire and respect your faith and I’m glad that it serves you in living a meaningful life. However, I believe there are many ways to God and completely disagree with your thoughts on modern society. I believe God gave me free will and gifts to cultivate and I am ever grateful that there are so many wonderful spiritual outlets and ways of being on a spiritual path. Life has become so much more enriching since I opened my mind and spirit to this over a decade ago.

All best,


I have to say that there is no doubt that you adhere to a great amount of belief in your spirituality, but where I have an issue is when people such as yourself think that one can pick and choose from religions to suit their own agendas. I have a source that tells me that there is only one way to God, the bible states, “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life and no one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) So, either one reading that believes it or they don’t. They cannot make up their own exceptions. I will continue to rely on this as my true guide as it is for everyone, as stated in the Bible, whether you choose to accept it or not. I will continue to pray for you and those who you may be confusing with your universalistic views.


I am always grateful for prayer, Jason. No need for arrogance or condescension. I am not asking you or anyone else to approve of my spiritual path. I have already expressed my respect for you choosing yours via the Bible. Clearly we are not in agreement. That is the beauty of freedom of religion. We are all, in some way, choosing a spiritual path that suits our agendas. I’m glad you were inspired to write.


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